Chiang Mai Elephant Land - Two days

The life of an elephant in modern Thailand can be difficult. Too many are employed in practices negative to their welfare. Such as performing circus style tricks, walking on roads, working in heavy industry or exploited at popular beach locations.

At Chiang Mai Elephant Land we aim to provide a better life for our elephants by giving them un-spoilt land on which to roam, rich forests to enjoy, beautiful waterfalls and rivers in which to bathe and relax and provision of organic, natural food.

Chiang Mai Elephant Land promotes sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly tourism and ensures your elephant experience does no harm to the animals or to the environment. From feeding to washing and bathing, hugging and holding, we offer you a unique opportunity to care for these amazing creatures. Elephant Land, a special place for elephants and humans.

Itinerary & Practicalities

Price: 4000 THB (minimum 2 persons)

Day 1

  • Pick up from your hotel between 8:00 – 8:30 AM

  • Drive approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to Elephant Land near Doi Inthanon national park

  • Start your adventure preparing traditional elephant medicine and feeding the elephants a big breakfast

  • Take the elephants for a 45 minute walk through the jungle, rice paddies and beautiful scenery

  • Come back to the camp for a delicious lunch

  • Take a mud bath with the elephants

  • Walk to the waterfall and enjoy bathing and cleaning the elephants

  • Enjoy a traditional Thai dinner while the sun sets

  • Fall asleep in a local wooden house in the peaceful, quiet jungle

Day 2

  • Wake up in the mountains and warm up with breakfast, bamboo tea and coffee

  • Feed the elephants another huge breakfast

  • Say farewell and get some final hugs from the elephants

  • Start trekking about 2 hours along old hill tribe routes through the evergreen forest and dense jungle of

  • Doi Inthanon mountain, around 1500 – 2000m altitude. Famous for its year round temperate climate, the mountain is home to a variety of wildlife, ancient farming, wild flowers, tropical birds and stunning views. Your guide will also teach you about Thai herbs, ferns, wild vegetables and traditional culture of the hill tribe people.

  • Enjoy a healthy local lunch

  • Return to Elephant land and feed the elephants the fresh herbs and veggies from the jungle.

  • Relax and swim at the waterfall with the elephants.

  • Drive back to Chiang Mai

  • Return to your hotel around 5:30 PM

Included in price: uniform, lunch, dinner, breakfast, coffee, tea, water, English speaking guide, transportation, overnight stay, 100-150 pictures and insurance.

What to bring: Swimming gear, towel, shoes, toothbrush, extra set of clothes, sweater and long pants for the night time, flip flops, sunscreen and bug spray.

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