Ziplines in Chiang Mai are so much fun! Fly like a gibbon through the jungles of Chiang Mai. We selected the best, safest and most exciting zipline tours in Chiang Mai. Join us now if you are looking for an exciting zipline adventure!


Zipline - Jungle Flight

Jungle Flight

Come to Jungle Flight and try the world’s longest jungle zip-line roller-coaster set deep in the heart of the beautiful Thai rain-forest! Situated in lush, mountain rain-forest just an hour drive from Chiang Mai, Jungle Flight’s Eco-adventure is a truly unforgettable experience. Discover breathtaking views and adrenaline pumping excitement, as you are flying through the treetops.

2500 Baht per person

Eagle Track Zipline

Eagle Track Zipline

Zip-lining over the lush jungle is an absolute must-do activity in Chiang Mai! Experience the rain forest from a unique perspective with Eagle Track Zipline. Loads of fun and thrills guaranteed! With high-quality safety equipment and experienced staff, Eagle Track Zipline welcomes guests through 3 different programs.

Starting at 1600 Baht per person

Chiang Mai - Skyline Adventure

Skyline Adventure

Skyline Adventure in Chiang Mai will take you to the heart of the northern Thai jungle. Come and enjoy an exciting day full of zip-lining fun. Our longest zipline is over 900 meters and will make you feel like a hawk flying over the dense jungle and valleys. Get closer to the sky, fly with Skyline Adventure.

2000 Baht per person