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Rainy season in Chiang Mai

Is it a good idea to visit Chiang Mai during rainy season? Does it rain every day in Chiang Mai? These are just a couple of questions that we hear almost every day and to be honest, we love this time of the year! Rainy season means fresh clean air, lush green jungle, warm weather, impressive waterfalls and rivers. Visiting Chiang Mai during rainy season is a very good idea!

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Muay Thai at Chiangmai Boxing Stadium

Last night, PM Tours arranged for me to attend a Muay Thai fight-night at the Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium. Tickets were easily arranged a couple of hours before, with the kind help of the lovely Miki. Pim of PM Tours joined me because apparently this night was special; there were a number of belts and prizes being contested that had attracted some really good fighters!

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