Rainy season in Chiang Mai


Is it a good idea to visit Chiang Mai during rainy season?
Does it rain every day in Chiang Mai?
Are the streets of Chiang Mai flooded?
Can we still do all the tours in Chiang Mai during rainy season?

These are just a couple of questions that we hear almost every day and to be honest, we love this time of the year! Rainy season means fresh clean air, lush green jungle, warm weather, impressive waterfalls and rivers. Visiting Chiang Mai during rainy season is simply a very good idea!

How is the weather in Chiang Mai during rainy season?

It’s not easy to predict the weather in Chiang Mai during rainy season but generally you can expect hot sunny days with refreshing showers in the afternoon. Of course some days will have more rain than others but with temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius a few natural showers per day can be nicely refreshing. Don’t worry, during the months of rainy season it won't rain everyday and having a full day of rain is very rare in Chiang Mai.

When is the rainy season in Chiang Mai?

Rainy season in Chiang Mai kicks off around the second week of May but it can come 2 weeks earlier or later. It lasts until the end of October. 85% of the annual rainfall in Chiang Mai falls between May and October. Chiang Mai experiences the most rain fall during August and September which makes these 2 months great for white water rafting tours and kayaking tours.

Can we go trekking in Chiang Mai during rainy season?

Short answer, Yes! Trekking in Chiang Mai during rainy season can be very rewarding. The green jungle and fresh air will make it a great experience and the waterfalls are really impressive. We recommend to wear trekking shoes because of the muddy trails and to bring a rain jacket, though a poncho will do also. You can buy a poncho for 20 Baht at every 7-11 shop.

What are the best tours and day trips in Chiang Mai during rainy season?

We operate all of our tours 365 days per year so also during rainy season. Do you want to go bathing with elephants? Visit one of our ethical elephant sanctuaries and bath with these giant animals in mud baths, waterfalls and rivers. This is a great trip to do on a rainy day as you won’t get sun burnt and the elephants are very active during cloudy days.

Another great trip during rainy season is our white water rafting trip with Khampan Rafting. The water in the Mae Teang River is very wild and you will be flying over the river in your raft! Our professional guides will make sure that you will make it safely all the way down the river.

Does this sound too exciting for you or do you rather stay dry? Then a cooking class will be perfect for you. Spend the day learning the basics of Thai cuisine and eat all the freshly made delicious food yourself.

Is it safe to visit Chiang Mai during rainy season?

Sometimes there can be heavy rain fall causing flooded streets. This can look a bit scary and we recommend staying inside and don’t ride a motorbike during heavy rain. Don't worry that this will ruin your day though; most of the water will be gone within 10 minutes after the rain stops.

Visiting Chiang Mai during rainy season has a lot of advantages. Think: less tourists, cheaper accommodation and clean air. So don’t hesitate, pack your rain jacket and umbrella and come visit Chiang Mai now!