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Top 3 Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries in Chiang Mai

Northern Thailand is elephant country. In the past, the animals were trained and worked in the lumber industry and on public works. Now, these elephants and their descendants are retired and are given a better life in the elephant sanctuaries of the Chiang Mai region. PM Tours values the smaller sanctuaries that give the elephants all the room to move around and that only expose them to small groups of visitors. We have a strict no-riding policy and only offer ethical elephant tours. Here is our top 3 of the best elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai.

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Elephants in Thailand, everything you need to know

Thailand and elephants are almost synonymous. Many of the people visiting the country make sure to go on an elephant tour while there. Especially when they visit Northern Thailand's Chiang Mai, they bring elephant-themed souvenirs like scarves, skirts and statues back home. The Asian elephant is intricately connected to the history and culture of Thailand. This blog explains a bit more in depth the important place elephants had and have in Thai history, its culture and its economy.

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