Mama Noi

This very popular cooking school founded by Mama Noi is our favorite to learn the basics of Thai cooking. Return to your friends and family with the ultimate souvenir, the ability to cook authentic Thai cuisine.

Set in the heart of a beautiful, serene organic farm and garden our school provides students with a relaxing atmosphere to learn. All classes include a guided market tour during which you will learn about typical Thai ingredients and you will receive a cookbook so you can recreate the dishes easily at home.

Itinerary & Practicalities

Price: 800 THB

  • Pick up from your hotel 8:30 AM - 9 AM (morning program) or 4:00 – 4:45 PM (afternoon program)

  • Local market visit

  • Guided tour of our organic farm

  • Learn about the typical Thai ingredients

  • Choose 4 dishes to cook from 4 categories

  • All dishes are available as vegan, vegetarian or with pork, chicken, fish or shrimp

  • Make your food as spicy as you like it

  • Take away or eat all the food that you made

  • Return to your hotel around 2 PM (morning program) or 9 PM (afternoon program)

The four dishes to cook:

  1. Stir fried (Pad Thai, Stir fried cashew nut or Stir fried hot basil)

  2. Soup (Tom Kha, Tom Yum or Tom Som)

  3. Curry paste and curry (Massaman, Green curry, Khao Soy or Panang curry)

  4. Cha-yen, the typical Thai iced tea

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