Lantern Festival 2017 in Chiang Mai

Lantern Festival Chiang Mai - PM Tours

Loi Krathong festival also know as Yi Peng festival in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, is a festival celebrated annually on the evening of the 12th full moon, following the Thai lunar calendar. This is why the exact date changes every year. Loi Krathong could be translated as floating basket in English.

In 2017 the lantern festival will take place on 2, 3, 4 and 5 November. There will be many festivities all over the city of Chiang Mai. The festival will officially begin on the 2nd of November; the opening ceremony will take place at 7pm in front of the Lanna Folk life museum. You can expect performances of Lanna folk dance, beauty contests and ritual ceremony’s around the moat and in the old city. Most families will decorate the garden or the front of their house with candles.

On November 3rd you can buy or decorate your own floating offer (Krathong Sai) at most of the bigger temples in Chiang Mai, Wat Jed Lin, Suan Dok, Chiang Yuen, Bupparam, Nuntaram, Chai Sri Phoom, Ramphueng, Chai Mongkol and Jed Yod. There will be a music stage at Wat Lok Molee with live music during the festival.

In the night at 7pm you can take your handmade Krathong to the Ping River and together with thousands of locals, release your krathong in the river. This is the highlight of the festival. The sky is full of lanterns and the river looks like a stream of candles. This event is free to visit and you can buy lanterns here for about 100 baht. It has a very spiritual and beautiful atmosphere.

Just outside of Chiang Mai at the Northern study Center in Maerim there will be a paid event and massive lantern release. This event will take place in the night of the 3rd of November from 6pm till 10pm. The price is 3500 Baht per person including hotel pick up and drop of, snacks, desserts, food, alcohol free beverages and 2 lanterns.

For booking the event in Maerim or more information about Loi Kratong 2017 please contact us.