Maeklang Elephant Conservation Community - Two days

Who never dreamed about a place where humans and animals would live in harmony? In Maeklang Elephant Conservation Community, we have created this special place for our elephants to retrieve their natural habitat and for you to meet them in a sustainable way.

Hidden in the jungles of Doi Inthanon mountain, we have created two eco-friendly sanctuaries for our dear friends. Without any rush, you will have time to feed them with organic food, taking them for a mud bath, splash them in the river and of course relax and observe their behavior. In the end of the day, you will know everything about the circumstances that brought them to this sanctuary and how our wonderful team cares about these gentle giants.

We will spend the night at the Maeklang Elephant Sky Camp and sleep in a traditional Thai bungalow right by the river. The elephants will stay close to your bungalow and wake you up in the morning for breakfast.

Do yourself and our elephants a favor and do not leave Chiang Mai without a visit to the Maeklang Elephant Conservation Community!

Children 4 - 9 years of age can join the trip for 2500 Baht per person. Children 1 - 3 years of age can join the trip for free.

Itinerary & Practicalities

Price: 3900 THB

Day 1

  • Pick-up from your hotel in Chiang Mai between 7:00 am – 7:30 am.

  • Drive approximately 1.5 hour to Maeklang Elephant Conservation Community.

  • Start the day by changing your clothes followed by a quick briefing.

  • In the morning we will visit the main Maeklang elephant sanctuary, where you will prepare the food, feed the elephants, enjoy a mud spa and bath them.

  • After the lunch, we will head to the Maeklang Elephant Sky camp where we will spend the afternoon and night.

  • You will have to collect the food for the elephants around the sanctuary, prepare their vitamin balls and feed them.

  • Enjoy a Thai cooking experience with a BBQ party at the Sky camp.

  • Spend the night in a traditional Thai house right next to the elephants with the sound of the river passing near by.

Day 2

  • Wait for the elephants to wake you up early in the morning and share a breakfast with them.

  • Enjoy a quiet morning at the camp where you will do activities such as: finding food for the elephants, feeding them, gardening and taking them for a bath.

  • After the lunch, say goodbye to the elephants and to our staff and drive back to Chiang Mai.

  • Return to your hotel around 4:00 pm.

Included in price: transportation, all entrance fees, accommodation at the Maeklang Elephant Sky Camp, 3 meals, English speaking guide, uniform and insurance.

What to bring: Swim suit, towel, bug spray, extra set of clothing, warm clothing for the night time, walking shoes, flip flops and sunscreen.

How can I book this tour? Please fill in the booking request at the bottom of this page. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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