Chiang Mai elephant sanctuaries are famous across the globe. People visit Chiang Mai just to see these majestic animals from close by. Go bathing with elephants in a river, feeding elephants or just observing the elephant’s behaviour from a distance.



Why is it bad to ride the elephants?

We do not encourage nor sell any trip that harms elephants. Training an elephant to let people ride them can be very brutal and the living conditions in the camps offering rides to mostly Chinese tourists are terrible.

We selected the sanctuaries that give the elephants the most freedom, social time, food and space to live their lives in peace. The elephants are rescued from logging operations, riding camps, circus and shows.

What's the difference with the sanctuaries we offer?

The difference in price is because some sanctuaries are further from the city, have higher popularity and accept only smaller groups. We checked, visited and tested most of the elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai and came up with the parks listed on our website. If you need any help selecting the right elephant sanctuary for you then please don’t hesitate to CONTACT us.

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